As Melbourne based plumbers, we service the suburbs, the CBD and beyond. What really sets us apart is our knowledge of the local authorities’ specific requirements and restrictions. 

This has proven time after time to be an enormous advantage to our clients, giving them the inside run to short-cut delays and making the job run more efficiently. Better efficiency means less time, which means more bottom line on your projects. We provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services to all areas of Melbourne, including:

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Our Commitment

City Edge has a specialised team of plumbers able to give the right advice to get the job done. Our team is totally committed to customer transparency and satisfaction, with open communication between the customer and any relevant authorities that may be involved in any project the priority. 

We have built strong relationships with relevant water authorities and regulatory bodies and that is now one of the chief assets we have to offer our clients. We work hand in hand with Principal Contractors and their Project Managers along with the relevant bodies to provide seamless project delivery and ensure all jobs are completed to all regulatory standards, thereby minimising the pressure and impact on the Project Manager.

We focus on aesthetically pleasing installations that are guaranteed to perform to the highest stands for longevity, safety and the protection of our environment.